Map does not show up with total conversion

I have made a mod and map that are set to work together, but when i upload as a total conversion the map does not show up under the maps in game.
Any help would be appreciated.

Have you set the map name under the TC’s map name before cooking it out? I’m assuming you have already and it’s still giving you issues?

Yes i set the map name under the TC. I even looked at the output and the map was cooked and packaged with the mod.
My file structure in the output is ModName\WindowsNoEditor\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\ModFolder\MapFolder\Map in case it is the way i structured my files
that is causing it.

Did you find a fix for this cause I have the exact same issue. Not sure if it has something to do with the current dev kit version or so. Can someone verify that it is currently working for him?!

No i did not find a fix for this. Still working on trying to find a fix though, as my mod is useless without the map.

The map is there and cooked. The issue seems that it is not exposed to the “host/singleplayer” menu. One told me that he can start the dedicated server with the right map via the command line. I also can confirm that I could open my map once I was on the island map via console “open mymap”. I talked with a Moderator about this issue and some other I found over the last days. All around cooking. I will make a big post tomorrow about all the issues around the cooker and include reproducable cases. If he can confirm that something is off, he will forward it to the devs.

This should be fixed ASAP from what I heard :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly today (more than likely), and from my understanding its a client sided fix for this, so keep your eyes on the patch notes as I’m guessing it will be listed there as a fix