Map Disappeared

Hi everyone,

After restarting my computer, went back into the unreal engine and noticed that the main map in my game was gone. I didn’t delete it and I remembered to save before exiting UE4. This happened close to after my game had crashed, so it might be related. I tried restarting once again and that had no effect.

Thanks for reading!

Have you checked to see if the actual .uasset file is within your content folder through Windows Explorer?

If it isn’t, then its gone from there and thats why it isn’t showing up. With some luck there may be a backup of it though located within your Saved/Backup or Saved/Autosaves folder. If you can find a copy in there, just copy it and place it into the correct content folder and rename to its name you had initially saved with.

In addition to Higuy8000’s suggestions, inside the editor select the Content Browser and search your map name. If it’s there, open the map and make sure under Project Settings>Maps&Modes>Default Maps: Set both “Editor Startup Map” and “Game Default Map” to your map.

This will result in the editor opening your map after crashing and issuing warnings for what may have caused the crash or become corrupted in the crash.