Map crashing on load?

Hey guys, really hoping for help on this. (UE4.26)

I’ve been building a city map the last 6 months. All has been fine with it until a few days ago when I went to work on it…

My PC specs: OMEN I7, 3,2 GHZ, 16g ram, 256 SSD, NVIDEA GEFORCE 1070 with 8g vram.

Project loads fine, but when I load the map, it reaches 50%/78% then the message ‘out of memory trying to allocate rendering resource’, CRASHES.

I have opened up task manager and watched the ram max out on trying to load the map, once it hits 16gs, crash.

I have tried the following:

Rolled back, and updated drivers. No change.

Uninstalled then reinstalled UE4. Interestingly, after a while the map loaded, all good. Until I pressed save, then it crashed at 78% and now back to the above memory message.

I deleted the DDC then interestingly, after a while, the map loaded, all was good. However, upon saving, it crashed and now back to square one.

I also found what I thought was a fix which was ‘load default layout’. Indeed, it allowed the map to open, but again, once i saved and opened it again, this no longer opened the map.

Very depressing as I am not a programmer and have seemingly exhausted all options and now have no idea what’s going on. The last day I was working on it I had only duplicated some models and duplicated a few more trees etc.

I do have crash logs, unfortunately I do not understand what they mean, other then the obvious ones at the bottom saying error, out of memory.

Is there a way I can upload the crash log here? Thank you to anyone reading this!