Map collision problems

Hey guys, I am having a problem while creating a map inside 3d editor and exporting it to Unreal engine. Well, I will try to stay straightforward and explain as easier as possible: the map is closed, let’s say it’s a sphere and all action is handled inside of it. No sky, nothing. I tried exporting with all tags for collision model, tried to flip normals, tried to set various settings in engine, but still whenever I run the game the character appears outside the sphere. I am also adding a picture, pardon for rough sketch. Anyhow maybe someone could explain/give pointers what to do. Thanks.

-when you have created your collision in the 3d program → make sure to disable “one convex…” in the import settings
-take a look at this video: → use the “use complex as simple” collision
-how exactly does your mesh look like? (double sided geometry,…) :slight_smile:
-what happens when you place the player start into the objet + press play

Thanks for so fast response :).

  1. Will try it, but I’m not sure if there is such an option in 3dsmax fbx exporter, but I will check it.
  2. I did follow that, but still had the same problem (check 4) :frowning:
  3. No, just imagine a simple sphere and all action is handled inside, using the same sphere as a collision.
  4. Well, the character is being pushed outside the mesh (as it displays in the picture) and you can’t get/fly inside to the mesh.

You have to create a double sided geometry to get it working -> then you can use “use complex as simple” or you have to add UCX collision boxes (dont just copy the mesh) :smiley:

When you still want to use one sided geometry you have to create your collision like that (red = the original mesh grey = the collision boxes):


Thanks I will try that, but the thing is the mesh itself is quite complex as in the game you can fly around and boxes wont work :). That’s why I said ‘sphere’. But I will to copy the ‘sphere’ (then optimize, of course) and then split into various collisions, because there are many things actually within the map (sphere) :slight_smile:

Thank you, fighter5347! Since my mesh was very complex (like some cylinders were connected from ground to the top and etc.) I just seperated the collision mesh into various 5-6 pieces, as like side,top, ground and etc. and when imported, selected like you told “use simple as simple” and … it worked!!! Thank you so much, really appreciate your help. Regards.