Map Changeing error

I am using Blueprints and I am change levels in the UMG. The problem is that I am able to change from one Level(“StarterMap.”) to a another(“World0.”) yet I am unable to change back. I am using a “Open Level” widget. Every time I go to change back the game will send me to the default pawn on the sane level. If I specify a Change of UMG the game will frees. If I change the UMG with out changing levels, it will be all good and the level will not get changed.

There has been no reply so I am setting this on solved until my other errors have been solved. (Please check date posted with this comment, a very long time.)

The problem is quite simple to fix, I thought the answer was to set the location in the files, when really if you are using starter contence, the map name needs to be different or you will telliport to that map instead of your own. So never have 2 maps with the same name. :slight_smile: