Many things to know before subscription

Here I will post all my questions:

  1. Can I create simple low poly games for both iOS/Android using a rMBP Mid-2012 ? (i7 2.3, 8gb Ram, GT650m 1gb)

  2. After I finish building my desktop PC and transfer all my work from the Mac to PC, will I have to create another subscription?

  3. It is possible to create a full game only using blueprint ?

  4. Are the models of the Blender software supported in Unreal Engine 4?

  5. The Unreal Engine 4 will be capable of creating 3D games as well as 2D games much easier than the UDK?

  6. In the future, will the Unreal Engine 4 support dual GPU processing power?

  7. Right now I want to create a very simple mobile game from my Mac using Unreal Engine 4 not something so complex, is the engine the right for it?

  1. You will have though time with that GPU. It will be possible to build game, but it won’t be that pleasnt experience.

  2. No.

  3. Yes.

  4. Yes. Anything that support FBX should work. You might have issues with skeletal meshes from blender in FBX. Though I’m not sure. Someone who is using blender should answer this. All I can say it should work. More or less.

  5. Yes. Definitely for 3D games. As for 2D games, it is possible, There is Ninja Demo that is 2D game.

  6. What do you mean ? Like split rendering between two GPU, Not like SLI, reall multi-gpu tasking. Well. Right now that thing is only possible on mantle, and there is no plans to support Mantle. Such things really depends on how OpenGL and DirectX will progress.

  7. It should be able to. But is it right for it. I honestly can’t say. If you want something tested it would be better to stick with UDK for time being.

That’s the main reason to stick with the Unreal Engine. THEIR SUPERIOR SERVICE!!!. Thanks a lot for all the quick answers. I will risk myself creating on my Mac regardless until I finish my PC, starting my subscription right now. Epic the best.

Blender currently has a UE3 export plugin that fixed any skeletal mesh issues. Maybe there will be one for UE4, but currently you’re right in that there may be issues with specific asset types.

I believe, as of yesterdays GDC broadcast, you will be able to also check out the flappychicken demo, which is close to 2D and already works on an iPhone.