Many small blueprints or one blueprint to control all the logic

need to make something comparable to fire spread in blueprint, so my question is this. What would be more performance heavy:

  1. Many small blueprints ray tracing near it self and determining if it can spawn other instances of the same blueprint there.
  2. One big blueprint, controlling all of the logic of spreading and spawning.

In short, is there extra overhead in having lots of small blueprints instead of one?

Well actually both of them at the same time.

What I would do is create a blueprint that holds a function to ray trace around and returns a vector3 location and a manager level blueprint that call those function on that smaller blueprints one by one to prevent them to tick together or ray tracing at the same frame. At the end, the manager could spawn a new blueprint based on the vector3 output of the function. This way you can prevent performance spikes created by dozens of actors ray casting spawning at the same frame.