Manually update mouse cursor graphic after updating PlayerController's CurrentMouseCursor

I’ve got a situation where upon certain UMG elements being clicked, I need to update the mouse cursor regardless of where it is on the screen. I’ve got a “master” UMG element that I call SetCursor() on and this works as expected – the cursor updates immediately while the mouse is inside that widget.

However, when moving the mouse outside of that widget, it goes back to the default cursor.

So, I also set the cursor in the player controller. However, there is no function for this, only a variable: CurrentMouseCursor. The cursor graphic doesn’t update every tick of course, so changing this variable means the cursor doesn’t actually update until a click event happens.

So I’m looking for a way to manually tell (via the playercontroller or elsewhere) the viewport that it needs to update the cursor graphic. Thank you for any help!