Manually placed character fires ActorBeginCursorOver, but spawning the same character does not

I’m currently trying to make a simple RTS game in the style of Age of Empires. So far I have a Worker character, and a Town Hall pawn.

Using the code in the first image, everything fires properly when I drag and drop a Worker into my level. However, when spawning a worker from my Town Hall using the code from the second image, the ActorBeginCursorOver node does not fire.

I meddled with the collisions to make sure the Worker does not interfere with the camera, however my understanding is that those settings should copy over 1:1 on the spawned copy, and shouldn’t inherit any properties from the blueprint that spawns it (in this case, the Town Hall)

And, to be clear, the node isn’t being fired at all; it’s not even able to set “Mouse Over” to true or false, so I can’t complete other functions since the bool never becomes true.

Edit: Here’s a video of the behavior in action: UE4 ActorBeginCursorOver error - YouTube

MrMusAddict, when you spawn an actor its properties are all configured to whatever the defaults of that actor blueprint are. It does not copy over any values you have changed for other instances of that actor that you have manually placed in your scene. Would that explain what you’re seeing?

That seems to be the issue! Didn’t realize my changes to the instanced actor wouldn’t carry over to the blueprint by default. Couldn’t figure out what setting was changed, but I found this beautiful button:


Ha! Nice. I didn’t know that option was there, either. It’ll definitely come in handy.