Manually "importing" game map/level (simple problem)

I’m still “new” when it comes to a lot of stuff.
I purchased an environment level, it does not have add to specific project option.
So I clicked on create project (with that specific environment)
Then I opened the environment project and “migrated” the stuff to the other project with stuff I have there.
Now in original project, when I click on “play”, I have a default first person style camera setup (no character mesh), which is fine. In the other project that I migrated it to, when I click play, I can’t move camera, I can go forward and back, or side to side, but I can’t change what my camera is looking at.
(it uses “Playerstart” thing, if that is needed to know).
What needs to be fixed?

Just drop a first person character in your level :slight_smile:

( you might need to click on it and set possess )