Manually Import Downloaded Assets from Quixel Bridge to UE5

Hello, due to my company IT limitations I cannot connect Quixel Bridge to UE5. Because of this I have to download the assets manually from Quixel Bridge onto my computer and then Import them into Unreal. Whenever I do this the assets do not look like how they should and do not have the texture maps connected to the model or material. Is there a way to bring these in all attached and ready to go without having to manually link everything up on my own?

Hey there, so one reason the assets may not look like how they should is that when you download from Quixel the default settings make it download multiple quality versions (useful for games).
To disable this go to your Quixel bridge app then on the top left corner select Edit > Export Settings > Models, then under “LODs” select LOD 0/Highpoly source. Deselect the rest.

For your texture issue, the best I can suggest is you create one master material, then for any other asset you import afterward, on the “FBX Import Options” under the “Material” section next to “Material Import method” select “Create Instanced Materials” then choose the master material as the base material. You will still have to manually apply the materials but at least it would be a simple drag and drop. Remember to import all the textures for the asset as well.