Mantinee: 'Fade color' has no effect?

Hi there,

the property ‘fade color’ of an fade track in Mantinee doesn’t seem to have any effect, it just fades over black like before…

Matinee only fades to/from black. Instead of fade track you can use a camera manager BP > set it as your player controller’s camera manager and then send events from Matinee to your camera manager via an Event track from level BP. Then in your camera manager BP you can use Start Camera Fade function to fade the camera with any color you like.

I’ve never seen it working and i’ve never used it to be honest. But it doesnt matter at this point i think as Epic is working on Sequencer, which will have more functionality than Matinee. Still, your post is here as a bug report for Epic, i just suggested another solution in case you need it urgently.

Er, ok…? Thank you.
I wonder for what the ‘fade color’ property than is for…?

Hi -

There is an issue currently with the Fade Color, but it has been addressed in Sequencer which releases experimentally in 4.10.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

so I guess than means that this won’t be fixed then for Matinee anymore then?