Mannequin and TPP hero animations not same scale?

Much confusement!!!

Heres what I did…
Utilising the Mannequin, I crated a mesh that followed its form, for easy rigging and attached this to the Mannequin rig. Exported it, and imported into unreal, and selected the TPP_Hero skeleton from the skeleton dropdown, as I had prior installed the starter animations from the content store.
I double clicked on my character, and brought it up in the editor, and selected one of the TPP animations, however I noticed that something was amiss - and it seems that the mannequin bones are being scaled or something, making the mesh that comes with the mannequin break apart. Why is this> I thought that the tpp animations would be the same body and bone scaling as the mannequins?

Pic 1 shows the successful import of the mannequin, whilst Pic2 shows after I play one of the tpp animations, notice how the model actually seems to grow taller, and break at the knees, and feet etc.

Hope I explained out and really appreciate any help.

Did you ever figure this out?