Manitee gone - How to make elevator / sliding doors?

I’m trying to do something painfully simple: animate the position of a mesh when a player overlaps a trigger box.

Lots of tutorials online show how to do this, but all with Matinee. Seeing as it’s gone in the latest engine of the version, what should I do?
Following tutorials isin’t working for me (see image etc).

try this?

Personally, I would just make a timeline and animate the Z position of the object with it. but Sequencer will give you a bit more control I suppose.

Hey [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER]
thanks very much for the reply. I’m new to this, so the timeline is something I will def. look into this morning. Appreciate that, and the link.
Still want to get in touch with you about the animation tutoring / set up too… Just been busy with school.

Whenever you have time to dedicate to it let me know, you have my contact info.