Manipulator Robot

Manipulator Robot. Special for sci-fi / industrial games.

  • 100% blue print code with start, pause, resume events
  • Adjustable cargo params
  • Several color themes
  • Sound fx included
  • No skeletal meshes
  • PBR mats


Color schemes:


Excellent! I love your robots !!, gratz :wink:

Price please?

Thanks. It’s was be really a lot of work. =)

Price is $20

Where to buy?? Andy_rst

Currently the asset wait for the market availability. I think wil be soon =)

Now available at the marketplace:

Now that’s pretty cool. Nice work! I wouldn’t personally have a specific use for it, but I’ll probably buy it sometime in the future just to play around with. =)

Thank you! I hope it’s will be useful for you. And i have idea to make new one robot =)