Manipulating Bones via Input / Disable Cameramovement


Following Setup:
I have created a Character Blueprint and added Input from my GamePadAxis to the “Add Controller Yaw/Pitch Input”. After that i used the values to manipulate my upperarm in the AnimationBlueprint of my Character. With a Aimoffset with different states for my arm and it it works.

The problem now is that the Input from the Controller also effects the camera of the character. I only want to use the data to change the rotation of my arm.
Any ideas how to block the aditional cameramovement?


In camera boom properties untick “follow control rotation”. Cant remember how it is called but basically untic all the settings that makes your camera follow the control rotation. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

You meant this function?Setting.JPG

Deactivating it blocked the pitch-axis but with the yaw the camera still turns :wink: waaah ^^

Ok think i got it.

My [ROOT] Capsule was “Moveable” switched it to static and tada :slight_smile: