Manipulating and keyframing bones via viewport

Hello, I was wondering about the possibility of a new animation feature. In addition to blending together imported clips, it would be very very helpful if one were able to directly manipulate characters bones, not by accessing and tweaking numbers, but by clicking and using the rotation or movement tools in the viewport and then keyframing them.

It seems to me that with the ability to set up IK chains etc already in there, this would be the next logical step and would be a great boon to animators too. Think about the possibility for animators to go in and do their jobs being able to see their work immediately in context of the game or cinematic setting they are aiming for, save highlighted sections to new clips, etc.

I’d be in awe if this happened. :slight_smile:


This would be a very nice feature, and some consideration has been had along these lines. Although a large undertaking, I have submitted a feature request for this.


Thank you, I’ll be more than glad to help with feedback should it make it in. fingers crossed