Manipulate player using blueprint?


I am using the FPS template, the Player has no mesh, just the capsule and the camera. I want to manipulate the player’s view or the Player to mimic as if he is thrown in certain directions by an invisible force and afterwards to turn sideways as it falls to the floor to imitate death. Anybody has some tips how can i do this with nodes in blueprint ?

Thank you.


You could try using a camera shake to imitate impact. Here is a video on how to do that.

Then you could use the launch character and set actor rotation nodes to get the character to actually move where you want it (you probably have to use a timeline on the the set actor rotation if you don’t want it to just suddenly snap there). You might have to disable input for this part so that the player doesn’t change the direction of your stuff though.

That is how I would try to do something like this as a first test. It seems like it would work. :slight_smile:

Im gonna let you know how it went tomorrow after i try it, thank you :smiley:

Im actually going to pick your answer right now, i checked the video and that “CameraShake” fits exactly with what i imagined, and i think the other part with the dying and falling camera is going to work. Thank you again