Manipulate player scale via keyboard input?

In my game, I’d like the ThirdPersonCharacter’s Scale to be manipulated by the [FONT=Courier New]KEYPAD PLUS and [FONT=Courier New]KEYPAD MINUS buttons. Specifficaly, I’d like the [FONT=Courier New]PLUS button to change the scale by x2 its current state, and [FONT=Courier New]MINUS to change the player’s Scale by /2 its current state.

I’ve been playing around and can’t figure it out. Can someone help, please?

In your character blueprint, add an event for the PLUS Keypad press. Connect to it a get scale node (self target), multiply the vector with 2 then connect this output to a set scale node. Don’t forget to connect all the nodes with the execution (white) wire orelse they will not be executed.
Make another chain for the MINUS Keypad.
Please note that this is from the top of my head so some things may be slightly different.