Manipulate Datamsmith Scene Asset in Blueprint?

Is there a way to add a Datasmith Scene Asset to a blueprint so I can change materials and all that within the blueprint? The only thing I have been able to do is add the Datasmith Scene Asset to the World and make it look pretty. I would like to manipulate it at runtime.

the Datasmith Scene Asset is holding the reference to the static meshes as well as the product tree from the imported CAD files. You cannot use it as an actor in the world outliner: as you notice if you drag and drop it inside the viewport it will regenerate the full product tree and spawn the corresponding static mesh actors.

You can make a blueprint out of this hierarchy by selecting all actors and then in the blueprint menu select “convert selected components to blueprint class”.

The manipulation you want to do at runtime - material switch, position change, etc. - would usually be done through blueprint scripting. This can be done in the same blueprint that is holding your product tree or you could also make a separate “manager” blueprint that has reference to your actors in scene. In summary you do not have to make all your actors in a blueprint in order to manipulate them.