Manipulate (curve) projectile without physics

Hi everyone,

I am trying to “curve” a bullet using the unreal projectile component.
I was wondering what tools/nodes I have to manipulate the path the project takes after being fired.
What would be the smartest way to make the projectile move some units on its local y-axis?

Any advice?

You can set a new velocity at any moment. Here is an example to start “curving” the projectile in the y axis after 2 seconds:

PS: note that this is only to show how it’s possible: just setting a new vel. vector. In this example, the velocity keeps increasing or decreasing depending on the mul. factor.

Thank you EvilCleric,

I’ll gladly try that solution :slight_smile:

This is a better way. In this case, we created a function where you can set an angle (based on Everynone answer in…direction.html) and the final velocity remains the same (=initial speed).

In this example, the trajectory will be: 2 seconds straight (0º) -> 2 seconds in a 45º -> back to straight (0º):

Note that only the trajectory is changed, not the orientation.

That is super neat! Thank you a lot :slight_smile: