Manifest overriden. Location permission still alive.

Hi guys,

I wanted to get rid of the unnecessary permissions in my app before release. I created a “ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt” in the C:\Users\Alo\Documents\Unreal Projects\ [PROJECT] \Build\Android folder. I took care of deleting specifically the location permissions.

The problem is that Play still asks for Location permission. (please see attached image)

Does someone knows how I can’t remove it? I think it is very annoying for the and unnecessary for the game.
Any suggestions?




Play services has streamlined their prompt system. Please review this [documentation][1] to ensure that what you’re trying to do isn’t being blocked by what needs.


Thank you for your help and the link.
I’ve gone through the documentation and I can’t find a reason why my app request Fine and Coarse Location permissions. That doesn’t mean much, this is my first project, it’s blueprints and I’ve never coded before so I am not an expert.
I checked my APIs manager and I found this (please see image attached). Can it be related?

For further info, my game has advertisements (by thrid party plug-in, In-App-Purchases, play Services (leaderboard and achievements) and the SDK target is set to “22”


Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

We had this problem with the Universal Mobile ADs Plugin by gameDNA and could fix this by comment out line 289 / 290:

in file


located in directory


Hope this will fix your issue too if you use the plugin. But thirdparty plugin with SDK Taget 22 sounds very similar :slight_smile:

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/ Marcel

You nailed it!

Yes, actually it is the UniversalMobileAds plugin. I opened the UniversalMobileAds_APL.xml and found the ManifestUpdate lines. In my file the lines were 236/237. I commented the lines as you said and play doesn’t request the permission anymore. The plugin seems to work normally.

Thank you very much for the help!