Manifest File Required

Hi All,

Today I re-installed my OS but accidentally I forgot to backup the ProgramData folder, and after re-installing the OS UnrealEngine Launcher trying to download everything from scratch.

For avoiding the download I need those manifest file which can be found in following location.

If there is anybody who can upload these files to somewhere, it can be really great help for me.


Amit Singh

I just had to do the same on my computer. I hope epic doesn’t have anything against me uploading the manifest files. :confused: They are here.
EDIT: I forgot to say that these files were from a 64bit installation.

Thanks Buddy.

These manifest file saved tons of my download data…

I don’t think EPIC will have any problem with these files because these file are just contain hash checksum for installed content. So whenever you start UnrealLauncher, It’ll check in this folder and download accordingly.

As of now only three of them remaining from all of the released content.

  • Shooter Game
  • Mobile Temple
  • Blueprint Office

I don’t know the exact name of manifest files for them but I do know one thing that if you open your manifest file in notepad (make sure word wrap is on) go to the end of the file you can find name of the content. That’s it.

And again thanks for your manifest files, It helped me to restore Engine, Content Example, Effects, Realistic Rendering, and Reflections

Here are the details of manifest files:

  • 40003.manifest : Engine
  • 40101.manifest : StrategyGame
  • 40104.manifest : ContentExamples
  • 40108.manifest : Card
  • 40110.manifest : SwingNinja
  • 40112.manifest : Effects
  • 40115.manifest : RealisticRendering
  • 40116.manifest : Reflections
  • 40123.manifest : TappyChicken

Note : You also have to change the Install Location of the content in your manifest file, go to end of the file and find the string InstallLocation, change the username or location where your content is.

Anyone who needs those file can download from : Here

I’ll be updating this folder on regular basis so anyone in this situation can get the files.

“If anyone out there have above mentioned these 3 manifest files please share with me so I can restore the remaining data.”