"Mando" Short teaser on a upcoming fan film

Hi to all,

Here is my little teaser on an upcoming short fan film based on the Mandalorian.
UE4 fully raytraced, dynamic light and cloud.
Hope you like it.


Hey aurelarchi,

Hope everything is going well.
Everything about this project is stunning. Every piece seems so well thought out and skillfully crafted. From the lightning strike over-the-shoulder pan to the fantastic metal choice in the helmet. You’ve done a brilliant job.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us here on the UE forums and I hope to see your shiny helmets appear on my feed again. Once again, remarkable work!

Hey i didn’t saw your answer until today.
Thanks a lot !! :wink:

Hello aurelarchi!

I totally agree with @PresumptivePanda! Your teaser was phenomenal! As a Star Wars fan, this gave me the feels! The name “Mando” made me instantly think of Lando Calrissian. LOL! But the name was inspired by the Mandalorian, I’m sure, as you stated above. Was that the Mellennium Falcon?! :star_struck: Everything, and I mean, everything, in your teaser is visually divine! I’m sure this is going to be a noteworthy homage to the Star Wars universe.

You have such a variety of dynamic shots, angles, pans, and POV. Wow! How did you decide what to use for the teaser? How did you develop your cinematic style?

We’re happily anticipating your final release! Happy Holidays!

Hey !
Really sorry about this late reply.
My mail adress didn’t notify me when someone reply on one of my post.
So one more Time sorry.
I’m really happy this little work on a Star Wars univers can profite good feeling. Especially on real fans.
This is the most powerfull compliment you can give me.
I just Hope to found time to realised this one.

Stay connected and thanks for the good vide.