managment game in 2d with VN interacions?

Hi, i am working in an idea about a mangment game that its gona use a 2d suit for the managment of the stablishement (example: prision architect), but i want to have a strong history driven in a Visual Novel style so i am wondering a few things:

i can switch from the VN style to the manage stage?
if i can switch betwin them, the manage game keeps runing in behind with a mask of VN in front of the camera?
how can i turn off the manage gameplay wile the player is in a VN gameplay to save up resources?
there must be a loading screen betwin the manage gameplay and the VN gameplay like if we where talking about a cinematic?
if i must keep the manage gamplay running all the time it is consume too much resources compared to a fully VN game?

if i came up with more questions i am keep posting, ty in advance for your help.