Managing Swarm Agents

Hi. I have a question. When building a lighting via network using swarm, is there a proper way to disconnect and reconnect agents? My point is that I use to build lighting at the office over the night but sometimes it takes longer time to build. So I would like to “pause” the process on the computers that will be used during the day and later resume the process when they are available again. I noticed that actually I can just close the remote swarm agent and the process obviously stopps in the swarm coordinator and if I start it again the agent just reconnects again. That looks awesome and I am only wondering if this is the way to do it. Do I loose some progress when just closing the swarm on the remote machine or is it completely fine and its contribution has been stored already? I couldn’t find any info about this so guys do you know or have any experience with this?


Perhaps this video may help you: