Managing playback brackets. Newbie frustrations

Hi all.

I’m very new to UE4, and trying to learn everything at once. I’ve been at it a couple months…since January…following tutorials etc. I’m trying to use the sequencer to follow a tut by Wes Bunn - senior technical writer for UE4. (…ATUprVW7B9FcK1 ) It’s a couple years old, but still…

I’m having the worst time managing the playback brackets. You know…the green and red lines that determine where your playback limits are. You press the { or } keys to set them.

How do you remove them, or turn the off? Why don’t they toggle? Why are there more than 1 set of brackets on a shot? Sometimes I can reposition them, and sometimes they are unclickable, and can’t be moved.


Take a look here at the Playback Range section:

The playback range defines the start and end frames that the sequence plays through. They’re necessary for playing back the sequence.

A shot is a container that references a level sequence. When you dive into a shot, there’s two sets of playback range markers. The playback range for the level sequence that the shot references is defined with the dashes and is not editable when you dive into a shot. If you want to edit that playback range, you’d have to open the shot on its own. One of the reasons we don’t allow it to be editable when you dive into a shot is that the level sequence could be referenced by multiple shots, so editing the source would alter the composition of other shots.

The other set of playback range markers is the trimmed range from the master sequence. It’s what this particular shot wants to see of the level sequence.

Hope this helps some.

Thanks Max! That helped a lot. I’m used to the markers in Adobe After Effects, and these are quite a bit different. AE range markers are optional, and you can view your clip with or without them. I hate that in Sequencer, the clips play back between markers that I can’t adjust. I’ll have to adjust the way I think about it.

Lots of other good stuff in that post about the sequencer, too. I just hope it doesn’t become obsolete before I figure it out.