Managing my library

Hi, i am pretty new to UE4 coming from offline renderers. Until now i managed all my assets with an asset management tool. So i always had full access to all assets instantly.

My question is: Is it possible to have my whole library in the UE content browser? Or would this totally slow down the system? How do you manage your library?

Yes, it would slow things down. Bring in the things you think you might need, and whenever you know that you don’t need something then remove it

Okay, thanks for the quick reply.

Right now i am using Connecter for my asset management. Can you recommend any tool for UE? I would like to have my ready to go UE assets there, not just raw models and textures.

Is it even possible to save assets out of the content browser ready to go? As i understood textures are getting optimized (MipMaps) when they are imported to the content browser. So i dont really understand how i can drag and drop assets from external sources with all textures applied automatically.