Managing multiple projects content migrated into one project.

Hi everyone,

i want to ask how to manage various projects folders getting migrated into one desired project’s content folder ,since as you know content migration is only successful when you migrate to the content folder of your destination project so it will be a mess a lot of folders of different projects migrated into one content folder.

Therefore i wanted to move each group of folders representing each project respectively into a new specified folder named after that project let’s say for instance epic projects samples like i want to migrate reflections+content examples+matinee all the content of those projects into realistic rendering project content folder so i need to organize them.

and here comes the issue each time i try to move the migrated folders to organize them into one folder ,references links get broken specifically maps all assets inside the maps are vanished .

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated , thank you in advance.

best regards daniel.

Do you move the migrated folders in editor or in windows explorer?

Hi Zireael07,

thank you for replying ,i actually move the migrated folders in editor in content browser.and by the way also when deleting something in editor it doesn’t go away from windows explorer but epic’s stuff said they fixed the deleting issue in 4.14.

and to be specific i tested various situations before i post this thread to be sure for instance i migrated automotive materials project which has the folders (maps+materials+textures) into realistic rendering project and then move those migrated folders into one folder called automotive so the materials and the textures keep functioning perfectly but the map is empty no assets in it (broken links or references …and i tried fix up re-directors but no good).

in another situation i migrated reflections project and because of the structure folder is deep(it has subfolders ) ,then everything breaks and when i tried to move the migrated map it says it is moved but actually is not inside the folder i’m moving to.

So file management inside the editor is a mess i guess because of the re-directors and memory references.

Hi, Daniel.

Unfortunately youre last sentence sums up the truth: “file management inside the editor is a mess”, and if you try to move the stuff in windows file explorer even more gets lost.
There are even much more issues than you mention, e.g. older .uassets that are simply not recognised or that you might have to delete something 3 times before it disappears in UEds content structure. And these are just the issures when you work locally on one machine…there is much more trouble ahead if you use source control.

Regarding youre organisation problem: if there would be some rules or standards set by Epic then we could at least have ALL of the projects content in their project folder and not spread over the content “root”. Examples for that:

  1. NOT:
  2. but INSTEAD HAVE:

    That way you could move projects and all of their content round, the references should work, and you can always access the content via filter or search tools.

But unfortunately not Epic samples nor the marketplace packs follow such standards. The best solution i found so far is to put a project’s structure directly on the /content root of youre destination project and check if it works there. If it does work (and the references are ok, all maps appear and so on) then you can start to try move stuff round in the corresponding sub-folders that you mentioned. If it does not work on the content root, then i usually dont even try to go on.


I think having the folder structure this way :


is the best solution so "Vollgaser "you got it 100% right ,due to the fact that personally i’m always creating one folder and put everything in it since i started using the engine ,it just seemed natural to me that way.

there are many requests from unreal users to fix this but i think the staff do not care that much about this issue because they’re thinking that unreal users will rely a lot on filters so it doesn’t matter if you migrate everything into the up level of the content folder and just leave them scattered right there and use the filters on top to help find whatever you’re looking for.

and for the root content folder ,yeah i’m definitely migrating to up level of the content folder but i always have this persistent issue of broken links especially for maps ,i don’t understand since the content browser is most closely designed to resemble windows explorer (ctrl+a to select all…and so on) and have the same functionality although the deleting,renaming,moving processes aren’t functioning properly they leave traces,re-directors,i’m by the side that is necessary for asset discovery but relying on the option “fix up re-directors” just doesn’t solve the issue.