"Managing" Anim Notifies

The editor won’t let me :confused:

Am I missing something?? When I click on “Manage Notifies” in the same context-menu that lets you add notifies to animations, a window is supposed to pop up. Only it doesn’t. Nothing happens.

I’ve got more than a dozen different custom notifies as a product of experimentation and I really need to clean up that mess. Besides, I just decided to go fully “native” with my anim notifies, so I won’t be needing any of the “custom” ones anymore.

I found this (new?) AnimNotify-section under skeleton. I tried deleting the notifies there, but they just stay after deletion…

Same problem here.

This same problem happens on 4.14.2, can’t delete notifies and even got crash with this error when try to deleating one from Animals Notify window

I suppose this is still an editor issue? I’m also running into this issue. At 4.14.3

achynes, I can’t find where they are to rename them. Did you get the list to show up at all? Cheers for the heads up.

You still can’t delete them, but renaming works fine.

So what we’ve been doing here is just renaming unused notifies to “Unused_CantDelete1”, etc. Then later, when we need new ones, we just grab an unused one and rename it to be like new.

When editing the skeleton asset, there is a window called ‘Animation Notifies’ (in the Window dropdown on the toolbar). Once you’re in there, right-click on the notify you’d like to rename.