Managing a quest system

Hey everyone!
We’re having a hard time implementing the quest system designed for our game. So far, we have a basic system having widgets on-screen and it works, but we have decided to expand a bit upon it.

The quest system:

  • The background is an image of an open book.
  • The widget box was placed exactly above the empty page so that the text appears as if written on it.

The problem:

  • Since our game is open-world, we cannot predict which quest item the player may click and the quest system needs to check dynamically if there is enough space on that particular page, otherwise, it should move on to the next one.
  • Every quest item found should add its quest description in the book respectively.

That means, for example:
Each page is 10 rows. If the system notices that there is not enough space for the next paragraph (each paragraph is per item), then it should write on the “next page”. The next page being simply hiding the previous text, replacing it with a new one.

Anyone has any suggestions as to how do we start programming this?

Here’s a brief idea I’ve put together just to make it clearer for you:

It doesn’t look or feel intuitive. Why player will think this is on next page ? And why not on the right on this white page ? intuition is real life content.
If it’s 10 rows just make a more page.
And then it depend on your variable type. But you’ll nee to count rows and make some array of array. But with Unreal blueprint it’s impossible . But you can do struct of arrays :wink:

^^ This ^^… But more than that… While it might seem neat to have a book of written Quests, its usually a kinda boring user interface in practice (unless you can animate the pages or letters somehow). There’s a golden rule in the visual arts which says ‘show don’t tell’… So you should aim to use the least text if possible (that’s the goal). What kinds of games should you look at: classics like Shadow of the Colossus maybe… Just keep the story simple. The bigger the franchise the more text you can risk. But for indie games its risky (even if the story is amazing)…

Thanks for the reply guys.
Well, this image that I’ve placed here is downloaded and quickly photoshoped to give you the idea, it is not the widget in-game.
And the page on the right is not empty, but contains something which is necessary for the story.

Regarding the text, it is more like a journal, not a quest log. As if the character is writing to himself. I said it is an open-world, maybe that gave the wrong idea.
Yes, it is somewhat of an open world, but it is not an RPG game. It’s a detective/mystery, psychological horror one. So, I thought having a journal as a detective to write down helpers needed for puzzles, established clues and tips for progress might be useful. It is no way a quest log which tells you what to do next or where to go.

We’re still struggling how to begin with the way of programming it. If you happen to have an idea, please share. Thanks guys!