Manage level with scripting

Hi Guys , i`m new in unreal and i have a basic question , is there any solution to managing my level with scripting in unreal ? for example i have a lot of object in my level and i want to move chairs only +20 in x direction , i can do it easily in 3dsmax (maxscript) and maya (mel) and want to know if there is something like that in unreal .


If you put a chair in the level, you can change its location by using the mouse, or by changing it’s XYorZ co-ordinates by typing new values into the Details box. This means you can also use Blueprints or C++ to change the Chair’s location.x (or location.y or location.z).

The whole point of a games engine is to move assets around, so you should be good. :slight_smile:

thank you jezcentral , could you please show me a quick example of how you do it ?

i want to do things like this in unreal (its maxscript) , controling attributes of array objects in unreal :

i did something like that in blueprint

my gamemode had an array in it and at the beginning of the game i had certain actors add themselves to the array, then my gamemode would get a random actor in the array and change its location