Manage 4 conditions in Blueprint

I have another question which is related to this question. In my scenation, i have a floor (or a grid if you prefer) where the location is 0, 0 ,0: that floor is big so when the player is on 0.0.0 he is in the center of this floor.View first attachment: the plane in z axis.

I want to program display a text message “Out of bound” when player goes over (x >= 100, x <= -100, y >= 100, y <= -100 ).

About my blueprint script, i’m not sure that i did the right thing by copying 3 times the “Event Begin Play” node View 2nd attachment.!

I got this:

“Event Begin Play”




Thank you so much for your attention.


alt text

Event Begin Play will only fire when the character is created. If you want to check throughout the character’s lifetime you want to use Event Tick instead. You also don’t need to copy the event several times. You can use a single branch node to check if any of the conditions are true using the OR node.

This will create a true condition if the actor’s X or Y location is > 100 or < -100. If you only want to check when the actor is first created, then use the Begin Play event instead of Tick.

Hope that helps!