Malmö Developer Meet-up on May 22

Hi guys! Post below is on behalf of , our European territory manager.
Epic Games will host a casual get together on May 22nd at the Green Lion](, Malmö, Sweden (close to the central station, and the Nordic Game]( conference venue) from 4.00 PM CET - 7.00 PM CET.

We are inviting any interested developers to hang out with us and our Scandinavian friends, enjoy some food and drink, and check out Unreal Engine 4.

Attending from Epic will be Mark Rein, vice president; , European territory manager; Andy Hess, Evangelist; Alan Willard, senior technical artist; and Alan Noon, developer relations technical artist.

In addition, the evening has been organized by our good friend and Unreal Engine guru Sjoerd De Jong](, so there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your projects and challenges with the team.

Thinking about joining us? Let us know below. We hope to see you there!

Great! :slight_smile: was exact thinking on that I want more meet-ups in Sweden related to game development and Unreal. 90% sure I will take a trip from Stockholm to Malmö on May 22 :slight_smile: By the way would love to have a meet-up in Stockholm too.

Great indeed! Unless something unexpected prevents it, I’ll most certainly show up.

Stockholm is my home region, and I’d love to do something there at some point in the future, even if its just an informal meeting.

Great! I might attend.

Perfect, will then be looking forward to that too!

Malmö is my hometown. Too bad I moved to Stockholm a while back but I’m moving back to Malmö in a few weeks. Looks like I’ll have to stop by a little bit sooner maybe. Never expected anything like this to happen in Malmö.

Will the event be free to attend?

It is not only free to attend, we will give you free drinks even :slight_smile:

Would love to come but Malmö is way too south for me.

Looking forward to meeting you folks in Malmo!

I’d have loved to have made it down (not least because I still haven’t been to Malmo!) - but I left Oslo a few days ago and will be all the way down in New Zealand by next week.

Have a good one folks!

Too bad I have no possibility to make the trip from Stockholm this time. Hoping for someone similar in Stockholm.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

Got my train ticket ready to go. Felt like visiting my parents and meeting some of you guys is a bonus.

Love the fact that Epic is Global, I think it’s about time Indie game dev meets are rolled out on a regular basis. All i can ask is, When game dev meets come home to England (not just London either). As your head engine dev JamesG seems to be working near to me would love to put on a night in the local area, Talk ****, Drink, Eat food and design the next 10 years of realtime.

I arrived in Malmo earlier today and just met up with the Epic guys already. Ready for the next two days!

KingBadger, there was an unreal event in the UK last month actually. Epic has a training center over there so events are relatively frequent in England.

The Epic training center is pretty much unreachable as it’s in the **** end of nowhere - by public transport it’s three-four hours from London and the nearest airport is over two hours away.