Mali 400 GPU problem ,Frame rate too low


On phones with Adreno GPU acceptable frame rate. :rolleyes:

Mali 400 GPU on the phone with the frame rate is too low :mad:

I ETC1 for Android Package :confused:

Please help.
I thought Unreal that worked well on all devices.
For this reason, the project was completed machine
But now with Mali 400 GPU not answer:(

What should I do now?


Please help

I think problem is the device resolution.

The 3.5-inch screen size: frame rate 40


The 4.5-inch screen size: frame rate 20

How do I solve this problem؟

Please help.
Very necessary.
How do I solve the problem Fps

Mali 400GPU is ancient hardware (2009 or so).
Unreal is not made for old devices, it is meant to be mobile next gen engine.
If you are stuck to that old mali gpu, better pick unity.
Or get new and decent mobile device, like iphone6 or some android device that was launched THIS year.

I am not sure if decent framerate is at al possible on your hardware,
but best fps improvement can be achived by elimintating all transparent materials (ie. everything is opaque),
then remove all lights from level, use only unlit materials, with diffuse texture only.


The game was tested on the phone 2014

GPU: Mali 400
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos SM-G360H


GPU: Mali-400MP2
LG L Bello

Unreal engine version 4.7.2
Option: Scalable 3D OR 2D
I do it
Frame rate was better.
And run game
Was upgraded from 20 to 30.

In version 4.8 Unreal engine these options: Scalable 3D OR 2D
Frame rate was very bad.
4.8 Is there a problem?

Do Adreno 302 GPU stronger than Mali 400? !!!

Where is the problem?

What should I do

Do you think the next version will fix this problem?

Please help

Make sure this is caused by new 4.8 version.
Then report issue on answer hub or here in forum feedback.
English is not your first language, so make extra effort to write good report about it,
better you write higher are chances that somebody from Epic will agree that this is engine 4.8 issue.

yes hope epic team can optimize the android version of the engine as i just made a empty level with only 3 sphere and 1 light and the level was too slow so i thought may be this engine is just impossible to generate a game for android phones like mali 400

While this might not completely solve your problem the following links might help out a little bit.

Per Device Texture Resolution

**Device Render Settings **