Making use of shooter game template in 4.12.3

I’ve started getting into how to make use of the shooter game. I want to use it as a template, however, I’ve run into some issues. I’ve set up my blend spaces and animation blueprints for my character rig. I’ve attempted to replace the skeleton mesh with the model in the shooter game. However, I noticed it requires two meshes. Does this mean that I am required to have an arms rig in addition? Or is there a better way of doing this? (I’ve seen use the 3rd person perspective template converted to 1st person) I also don’t want the guns and arms flying above or visible to other players outside the first person view. Any and all help would be appreciated.

There are two ways to solve this. One is to convert it to true first person (still use third person mesh and have the camera a little bit in front of the face/chest area) and not have to use a first person arms mesh. In this mode, you would be able to look down and see the character’s body, unlike normal first person where it is just the arms you’ll see.

The second would be to follow this tutorial and have both a 1p and 3p mesh.

It sounds like you don’t have an arms mesh, so the first solution would be best. For that solution, you would just have to change the variable for the 3p mesh for Owner No See to false and then set the camera in the right place.

I think the first solution is more of what I’m going for. However, I assume that means I will need to abandon the first person shooter template character blueprint? I created a custom character blueprint that’s separate with a camera that I adjusted, however, I couldn’t figure out how to use that as the primary character blueprint that would be in use when you spawn. Btw I appreciate the quick reply.

If you want to use your custom character blueprint, you will need to override the Pawn selection in your GameMode. Just change the value in the default pawn dropdown to your custom class. You can learn more about this here.

ok from sounds of it you haven’t set the the 1st person meshes to “owner only” it’s in the pawn bp select the mesh then in the details panel in the rendering section, click the little triangle to expand the section

That’s definitely a step forward. However, the view point of the character is off (floating above the character’s head) and moving the camera in the player blueprint doesn’t appear to be fixing it.

basically to make things easier for you would be to scale you mesh to the size of the shooter game player

I assume that means I have to readjust the model height in my 3d modeling software or is there away I can readjust the size of the mesh in engine?

i’d advise to do it in your 3d program, trying to do it in engine can cause all sorts of problems.

trust me i’ve use the demo for my own game, if you want to continue with it then you’ll need a coder at some stage

I’ve resized and re-imported the mesh as well as added the weapon to the hand socket. I’m now running into issues with the camera placement. I want the first person perspective camera placement to be similar to that of the shooter game. What is the best way to do that?

the way i did it was to make a copy of the shooter game chacter bp and then change out the assets i have

I guess my next question then would be how do you just create the arms? Like the FFP asset and would you make the arms invisible to other players?

use the player mesh and cut out the head/body
in the bp look in the rendering section and set the arms to “owner see only”

I was messing around with it and ran into some other issues. (i.e. the weapon not being attached to the players hands and it not functioning if I attach it to the hand socket. Only visible from player perspective like above) Would it be easier just to start from scratch (no templates) and work it from there without using a separate mesh for the first person perspective? Also having separate issues with anims not working.

as mentioned, its a great base but has its limits, i’ve a few video on my youtube channel (UT40k playlist) which show how far i got till i moved to Generic shooter, in the end you’ll never find the perfect match in base/template/project each fps set up i’ve tried never do what i need and i don’t have the skill set to do it myself.

there are quite a few tutorials out there so pic a choose which you think might be best for you

I really appreciate the help. I’ll take a look at your videos.