Making UMG to filter through actors containing specific "Gameplay Tags"

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to build a UMG Filtration system through Comboboxes that build with a hierarchical system (Region>>City>>Dynasty>>Building Type>>Building Component>> Building Element)
which means when a user selects the region, only the cities in that region appeared in the next combobox ( Which I’ve already done)

The problem here is that I’m trying to filter with these options from comboboxes to search through all my objects or classes, and filter them though “Gameplay Tags” or as i thought the best way to do so!

so, is there anyway i could use these comboboxes to do that? knowing that I’ve build a struct and stored all those variables containing (Region>>City>>Dynasty>>Building Type>>Building Component>> Building Element) inside each blueprint actor.

so, i’m stuck at this point for weeks now, is there anyway to do this or is it impossible or there’s another way better to do that?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the gameplay Hierarchy i’m trying to achieve inside the projects

and this how i added options to my comboboxes dependently

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