Making tribes and change ownerships via blueprint possible?

Hi everbody,

I want to place 4 beds in a level and assign different players to it. My solution was to create 4 tribes (for example with different colors) and set the ownerships of the 4 beds to this 4 tribes. But i got no plan to do it.

  1. How do i make a tribe via blueprint?
  2. How can i set ownerships of objects (bed) for different tribes via blueprint?
  3. How can i assign different players to this 4 tribes via blueprint?

The rest should do the already existing ark-code :).

Anygot got a tipp, where i can start to learn something about the ownership and tribe system of ark to reconfigure it?

Thanx for all help.

I followed the Tribemanager to the tribe create button, but this has no connection in the blueprint editor.

How could i check, if a C++ Code is executing, if i push the button?

Thx :slight_smile:

I’m too tired to fully explain this at the moment, but from what I’ve seen while exploring various nodes in the graph there are things like MakeTribeData or something like that, it may be BattleTribeData or along those lines. There’s also Set Targeting Team, in ARK Targeting Team is used to identify players and dino’s that belong to the same group/tribe. I also believe there is a way of Add Player to Tribe, again, or something along those lines.

You’ll be better off experimenting with casting to things like the playerstate and shooterplayercharacter or shootercharacter - it’s one of those - then dragging off the blue pin and seeing all the various things you can access.

To get an initial reference to “player” you can right click in the graph and type get owning player I think, just right click and type player in to the search.

Also, experiment with disabling context sensitive in the top right of the menu that appears when you right click in the graph, it will expose further functionality to toy with. Oh, and if you go looking for casts, they are only available with context sensitive enabled.

That’s all my brain can spit out right now…


Thanx man. That’s a great way to find new things and adventures :).