Making the third person sample character tiny

I’m prototyping a game design in VR and and I would like to use the third person template character to test, but he needs to be A LOT smaller. Like .1 scale. Is there an easy(ish) way to scale this character down without creating a new mesh and animations?

I’ve notice I can change the mesh scale and movement speed but a bunch of other stuff I can’t get correct like capsule size doesn’t get any smaller than 42 half height.

Open the hero models blueprint and make the capsule .1 .1 .1 in scale. The capsule is the root component so when you scalee that then everything will scale to fit.

Thanks. I tried that and in the blueprint viewport it shows everything small, however in the game it’s the same large size? Could this be because I’m creating it at runtime with blueprint SpawnActor?

This might help

You will still need to correct for step high as well as animation scale

Thanks alot for the video.

Yes that is what I tried however when using SpawnActor it spawns at it’s original size even though it shows it smaller in the blueprint. I was able to get it smaller by scaling the mesh AND the capsule but in the viewport for the blueprint it shows it double tiny and getting it lined up with the capsule is difficult. I dunno why the children propagation by the capsule doesn’t work with SpawnActor but that seems the case here…