Making the teleport smooth again

Hi, is there a way to make the ‘teleportation’ effect smooth? Currently my blueprint just places to player into a location 2 meters ahead, and it happens very abrupt. I want it to transit from current location to new slowlier so that the player will see the path they travel

You can use either a Timeline or manual interpolation during Tick. Both should work fine for this.

Hey man thanks a lot for your help, tho I can’t manage it to work
Both nodes don’t much difference, I tried to make the timeline smooth, etc, but I simply don’t know a lot about all the vectors stuff, can you please tell what should I hook up things into?

Double click the Timeline to and add a 1s long float track. You can shift click on the graph to add points, and control the curve of the transition. Right click the keys to change interpolation method:

Use this float track as alpha to interpolate between source and destination, it’s much more flexible this way than using a vector track:

By default, the way it was set up above, the Timeline will last 1s, you can speed up the playback by bumping the PlayRate up. This the general idea behind it, you may need to adapt it to your needs.
Non Timeline interpolation would look similar to this:

Cheers man, thanks a lot! You are a saver!