Making the player character face a locked-on target

I’ve setup a targeting system, that makes the camera lock onto a nearby target and keeps the camera aimed towards said target. But i’m having trouble keeping my (3rd person) character aimed towards this target at all times. I can’t seem to get it to face the target constantly.

This youtube example illustrates quite well what i’m trying to achieve:

I aim to have the character always aimed towards the character. Strafing around it. (I already set up an animation blueprint for strafing) Does anyone know how to always have the character facing it’s target? So that attacks for example will always be in the targets direction? Any input would be appreciated thank you!

Forcing the capsule component rotation seems to work but somehow breaks my direction in my animation blueprint. Resulting in strange looking movement.

Have you tried forcing the character or the controller rotation to be the one facing the target.

if he’s always facing towards you you can set your rotation to 180 degrees more. but it ll be broken if his rotation isn’t looking towards you. If you make it so that you can only lock onto something that’s attacking you, meaning it will look towards YOU at all time, it could work perfectly. Pretty simple but it has obvious limits (wont be able to dodge people if they always look at you/face towards you, only to people who face you precisely, etc.

Try setting control rotation instead of actor rotation or capsule rotation

Rotation toward the target.