Making the Left Virtual Joystick Move and Right Virtual Joystick Rotate Player?

Hi guys, as the title states my question is pretty straight forward. I’m trying to do this using the third person template while I work out the mechanics and I have the game set up in almost a top down view. But anyway I’m looking for a way to use two virtual joysticks, the left allows the player to move and the right joystick allows the player to rotate. It’s currently set up as default where left allows to move and rotate and the right is camera movement. Is this possible to do at all.

I thought I would make an example of what i’m trying to do with unreal. I created a simple flash version if someone could point me in the right direction to creating these joysticks in unreal that would be incredible.

Thanks guys,
Matt. :slight_smile:

Yes this is possible. The controls work on Axis Mappings defined in Project Settings -> Input. In this case the virtual joysticks are the same as Gamepad Left and Right thumbsticks. You can then interpret the binding in anyway you want in your blueprint to either move the pawn or control the camera or whatever you want to do.