Making TestMap persistent

Hi, im actually making my first mod so im not very used to the ADK.

My problem is that every time i want to test my mod i need to place some structures (crop plots, pipes, taps, etc), and every time i run the editor all the structures i have placed are gone.

Is there any way to make it persistent through plays? I tried looking in settings but i cant find anything, and i feel it is simpler that in think.

No. 10 characters.

What thats mean? :expressionless:

His answer was “No” but there is a 10 character min on all posts.

Oh ok.

Then what is the proper way to test mods? Do i have to cook the mod everytime and test it in a separate server? If i do that people can download bugged releases.

people download bugged releases all day every day … its Ark …

but yes, you are correct with your method. You can flag it as hidden on the steam page.