Making Static Mesh Disapper

Okay, I am in First Person Example Map. So I have the starter cube which is a Static Mesh. I want to make that disappear when My projectile hits it. So i have the (Sphere) in On Component Hit then have it going though DestroyActor. but that just makes the static mesh not move when being hit. So I added a component StaticMesh and have that be on hit Destroy actor but that makes the gun shoot boxes…so then I created another blueprint with the static mesh in there with on component hit destroy actor. but that just kills the projectile. Which I do want but I want the static mesh to be killed too. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

If you want to destroy the cubes that are present in the level, then since they are simulating physics (in the FirstPersonProjectile BP):

If you want to destroy any object hitted by the projectile, then, you can tag the targets:

and then: