Making skirts in unreal

Hello! I have a small question about doing skirts or other clothing similar to skirts. How would one go about setting up the physics, does unreal have anything for this or am I better off rigging it in blender?

Look into APEX cloth. Take a look here on how to import the APEX cloth object once created: Physics in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

And here is some tutorials on authoring APEX content: PhysX SDK: Latest Features & Libraries | NVIDIA Developer

If you plan to use Blender, there appears to be a Standalone tool for authoring the actual APX/APB files, but can’t seem to find a link, so basically u would create ur tessellated object in the shape of what you want (so for a skirt, u would just wrap it around ur character, don’t worry about adding creases or anything). Then you would import this object into the clothing tool, and then using the above tutorials, set the values and export the APX/APB.

Outside of APEX, you can use traditional bones to skin a skirt like object and use some kind of dynamics simulation to bake the cloth movement down into animation, or possibly set the bones to be physics simulated in UE4 for a basic simulation.

Use the subsurface modifier and mirror modifier to create clothing mesh .Apply texture and animation. Import as .fbx and have a good day Pavington
But, why only skirt ? Create other clothing too for further usage