Making ship rotation cam

I have been researching and watching tutorials for days and cannot for the life of me figure out the problem. I’m attempting to rotate the camera around my ship (pawn) preferrably while holding down left mouse), but for some reason it is controlling the pawn itself.

As an example if I “look” up the ship tilts up.

I am looking for a blueprint that functions exactly like Eve Online if anyone is familiar with how the camera works in that game. I am being driven mad by the issue. I feel like its should be so simple.

Have you checked these settings in your Character class/blueprint?


Furthermore you can add a SpringArmComponent to your character, where you can attach your camera to. This is for example used in the 3rd-Person example of UnrealEngine. It can be rotated around your character, so that the camera moves with it.

After thorough investigation, I had to “use pawn control rotation” under spring arm and reposition it. Thanks for the input =)

I was supposed to leave the pitch and yaw unchecked.

**EDIT: Looks like you figured it out as I was typing this tutorial. Nevermind lol…

You could always copy that other edit into a Community Tools post. :wink:

I will still look through this. Im sure I will learn something. I appreciate it a lot!