making session/tutoring

Hello, guys.
I`m not a beginner in UE, but not a master, I still learning it, and want to improve knowledge.
So, my question is who can make with me tutoring session by skype (for example).
Payment tax and time options will discuss via e-mail.

I’m mostly doing environment and materials , what would you like to learn exactly ?

I am a generalist with experience mainly in computer programming. I am experienced in every area besides advanced animation (I can do simple animations), and advanced materials. I have done tutoring several times in the past. Feel free to Skype me (see my Skype info under my username), or email me at .

Hey ThierryH

I can offer tutoring in UE4 and help you learn blueprint I’ve made this series of videos on making a hack n slash game. If you’re interest please contact me at