Making sense of UE4 source code, and questions

Questions of unreal egnine 4 source code.

Hey where do you see where a static mesh actor or a skeletal mesh actor gets rendered, in source code. what file?

Can you copy that code for your own 3d engines? Or there will be copyright issues or stuff of that kind?

If i modify the source code will I have to wait another hour for compiling the code?

You can not copy any code from the Unreal Engine into your own Engine without permission of Epic Games.

Yes if you modify source code you will need to compile those changes.

Check UStaticMesh or USkeletalMesh.

Copy, thanks!

I need more help, where do I find the CPP file for instance of the UStaticMesh, and is it there where everything gets rendered?

Also if I modify engine module how long will it take to compile?

Most unreal classes live in their own files, without the “U” prefix. So StaticMesh.cpp and StaticMesh.h. Use visual studio’s navigation tools to help - don’t manually look for files, search by filename, and use “find references” and Ctrl+shift+f find-all to look through the code.

First source build will be slow but subsequent builds should be much faster if all you change is cpp files. If you change important headers you could be in for a longer wait.

Alright, I see that U is not necessary at all… If that is what you mean…

Files are named without the prefix, classes are named with the prefix.

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I could modify the scale to render with, with an easy line, but where does this get rendered/processed. Is there like some sort of components in the world array or something ?

here line to modify it

Next step is to get one of the vertices deformated… or something where do I acces Vertex[0] ?