Making props float on water via physics, akin to the physics tree device.

Hey there! I’ll preface this with the fact that I’m working on a quick proof-of-concept that would be necessary in multiple of my current ideas for my Summer Callout experience, and I’ve yet to use Verse until now. Unfortunately, I’m starting from scratch while working on two other experiences outside of the callout, and I have a lot of other things outside of UEFN game creation going on, so I’m in a bit of a time crunch haha.

That said, I’d like to figure out if I’m misunderstanding this UEFN docs page, or if I’m correct and it can be used to give props the ability to float on water and be stood on? It’s an integral part of making my experience fun and interactive, and saves me loads of time on what would otherwise be countless sequences and all the potential triggers for those, along with their increased glitchiness the longer a game goes on.

I’ve gotten about as far as the included screenshot, but again I’m new to verse so I don’t really know where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you can!

TL/DR: I’d like to make props like the included screenshot (and custom ones I’ve made or imported) float on water and be able to be used as platforms, akin to the physics tree logs, if at all possible.


I don’t know but I’m interested in your discovery here.
What I would do is go make blueprint prop devices and assign them every possible collider and see what sinks and what stays. :sweat_smile:
There is so much I’d like to test with colliders, its just a monumental amount of things to do.


The platform part is likely a tall order for the built in water system when you code things up - in a fortnite setting its probably even worse.

Im not sure if it is possible, but one would likely need to extend the fortnite funcrionality to include the bouyancy points on models in order to create accurate platforms.
If you can figure out how to add bouyancy points and modify their values, you can likely create Ok working water floating platforms.

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Hmm, okay. Interesting.

I will say that with Fortnite, we have had items/mechanics in the past in BR that have given objects physics and the ability to float, but unfortunately none are currently in Creative/UEFN as far as I know. As for the aforementioned physics trees, those you can actually stand on, and when you damage them with a weapon or pickaxe, it propels them in the water. I’m wondering if finding a way to use that functionality would at all work.

We also have the Ball Spawner device, and those can float on water, however can not be stood on as players colliding with those move them.

So the functionality is (somewhat) there, the question is more figuring out how to use it I guess? haha

Did you ever find a solution to this? Thanks!