Making pawn to move one direction when pressed a button

Hello! Im new UE4 user and Im making project where I have spinning pawn in the middle and I want it to shoot when I press button. I have tried hours of that and I cant find anything helpful from internet. I just simply want to make “bullets” spawn where my spinning pawn is and travel to direction that my spinning pawn is heading.

Thanks but that isnt working for me… it only spawns one projectile and it wont move

Can I see your blueprint?

Here you go! Hope you can see something missing!

You have to spawn the projectile, not the pawn… :wink: You just put the pawn in the level…

Ok Im bit lost wich blueprint class I have to use, and that pawn im trying to spawn is my projectile… Can you explain me witch bp class should I use to make a projectile, or how they are done. Thanks for your help man it means a lot for me and sorry for my bad english:D

To start with, just spawn an actor of type ‘first person projectile’

Ok I made new project and it seemed to work whit event tick but when I try to replace it whit some keyboard input it wont work. Do you have any idea why?

Delay on tick has no effect.

Have you enabled keyboard input?

Oh… Im idiot… Forgot that one. Thans for your help, I really appreciate it!!!